How to freak out a Japanese person

Right, this will work if you are in any country except for Japan and there is a single Japanese person you’ve only just met, in a crowded situation. At first act very friendly and stuff, then, a few minutes into the interaction pull him aside, and with a serious face quietly tell him in Japanese “Ahh we meet again, I know your plans, we will stop you, you will not succeed - you are being watched” or something to that affect, then resume your previous pleasant/laughing/jolly mood and rejoin your friends. If he confronts you about it tell everyone that you were “just learning Japanese and practicing basic greetings- sorry if there were any misunderstandings”, then later, when nobody but him is looking, stare at him ominously.

Yuriy, if you want to freak out or impress a Japanese person, learn about
以心伝心 ishin denshin. Japanese people communicate without verbal communication quite a bit. This is just my opinion. I find it easier to pick up cues in Japan than in the US. Benny of fluentinthreemonths recently did a video on gestures, but this is more like telepathy.

Hi! can you link me to Benny’s vids- can’t seem to find it.

I wonder why you are so much interested in “freak[ing] out” a Japanese person? We already have a lot of strange comedians.

the japanese must be kept on their toes


Benny’s vids aren’t about Japanese, just about non-verbal communication in various languages. The last time I tried to put a link here, I wasn’t successful, but his video is on his web site which is called “Fluent in Three Months”.

It isn’t hard to surprise Japanese people, you don’t have to do much to freak them out.
Maybe you could find a partner, learn Kansai dialect and do comedy. I don’t know whether you would be the boke or the tsukkomi(?). The boke is the funny one and the tsukkomi is the “straight man”/serious one.

Wow that’d be awesome- though my Japanese is still in the upper beginner level. As soon as I’m any good though I’ll post something like:
“Kiev, Ukraine. looking for partner for boke/tsukkomi comedy practice” - if someone replies twill be epic!

Maybe you could be a Gaijin Tarento. They don’t have one from Ukraine yet. If you don’t know about this aspect about Japan, it might be interesting to learn about it.

There are different types of “foreign talent” in Japan

Peter Barakan (serious talent, talks about music if I remember correctly)
Florent Dabadie (French speaker, I think)
Konishiki (Used to do Sumo)
Bobby Ologun (Nigerian-I see him as a comedian)
Girolamo Panzetta (Italian. He teaches or used to teach Italian. Funny guy. He’s controversial among some Italians, but his screen persona is very likeable.)
Dave Spector (He seems to be everywhere.)