How to enlarge my english vocabulary?

I just find my english vocabulary is too small, how can I enlarge it? I know reciting vocabulary is a good way but it is too boring, I can not insist for 1 week. That really bothers me, any friend can help me or give me some advice with it? Thank you in advance.

Assuming by “reciting vocabulary” you mean studying lists of words out of context, then I agree, it really gets boring quickly. However using the flashcards at LingQ, just a few times a week should be enough. You’ll start seeing the same words over and over in different content items and you’ll find that a lot of the vocabulary you learn isn’t through specific review and reciting, but rather through encountering them repeatedly in different contexts. So the best advice I could give you would be to browse through the English LingQ library until you hit on something that interests you. Then start saving as many words as you want and review them periodically using the flashcards. One of the things LingQ really excells at is managing and increasing your vocabulary, so if you put in the time each day, and work through various content items in the library, you’ll very quickly notice an increase in the number of words you know.

Here are some videos to help you:

A quick look at LingQing

Reviewing vocabulary at LingQ

Passive vocabulary

Let the words overflow

Learning words and the use of the dictionary

Watch these to get an idea of how to learn words and increase your vocab. Hope this helps, if you need any more pointers, let me know. You can also post questions to Steve in the “Ask Steve” forum.

I really appreciate you answering these Chris. Thank you. Excellent advice.

Cajndon, You seem to write quite well. Please start by taking advantage of LingQ. You have not saved any LingQs yet!!!

Learning vocabulary by listening to contexts is much more effective than only reading them on newspapers etc or memorizing them on a list. if you use other way,believe me, its impact will not be longer than 1 month or 4 or 5… you are going to forget much of 'em. if you want to remember and learn them deeply,to internalize you certanly should keep to this method and use it enthusiastically… :wink: you will see the differences and its advantages…

Thanks Chris for your post, specially the links
This kind of help is always welcome!