How to edit flashcards on the fly from within the "Flashcards view" (web interface)?

On the iPhone app (iLingQ), when I am going through my flashcards it it possible to edit the flashcard that I am currently seeing (via the “Edit Card” menu which appears if I press down on a card. This is very convenient, as if I spot an error in a flashcard I can quickly editing it without interrupting my flow of reviewing the flashcards.

However, within the web interface (desktop) there does not seem to be any way to directly edit a flashcard that I am viewing. This is very cumbersome, as I then have to return to the vocabulary view to search for my word and then be able to edit the contents (Hint, phrase, etc…).

Am I missing something, or is there really no way to edit the flashcards directly from within the web interface. If so, is this intentional or is this a bug?

Thanks for your help!

Space is limited on the iPhone, so we had to come up with a clever solution that wouldn’t take up a lot of screen real estate. To edit a card, just press and hold on a specific card in the Daily LingQs tab or the Flashcards view and you’ll be able to tap “Edit Card” to make changes to that specific LingQ. Hope this helps!

Hello Alex. Thanks for your response. Actually, the way the edit functionality works on the iPhone is great!! The problem that I am having is more via the web interface. How can I easily edit a flashcard that I am viewing from the web interface?

I just created a LingQ, out of sheer curiosity.

From within the lesson and with the LingQ showing on the right, I can edit a hint, as soon as “the pencil” appears. To edit the term on the top, I had to click the (top) hint field and then the editing pencil appear there, as well.

From within the Flashcards it is easy to edit, you just click the Edit button on the bottom right of the flashcard.

Hope this helps.

Hello @SannT. Thanks for your response. Actually, I think you’ve made me understand more precisely what the problem is! The Edit Button on the bottom right is missing in certain contexts!! For example, if you go into a lesson, click on the lingQs for that lesson, and then select the “FlashCards” icon (in order to go through the flashcards for that lesson), you will find that the Edit button is missing on the bottom right of the flashcard. I have tested this on Chrome, Firefox and IE, so I suspect that it most be an oversight in the lingQ web site, and not a rendering problem in the browser.

In case my textual description of the problem is not clear, here is a screencast which shows how to reproduce the problem.: 2014-10-31_1120

As you can see, there is not Edit button on the flashcards.

Ah, yes. The “Edit” button doesn’t show when viewing Flashcards from the Lesson page. It was causing some synchronization issues, so we disabled this in the meantime. We have it on our list to add this back, but in the meantime you can edit your LingQs either from the Vocabulary page or by clicking on the word in the LIngQs tab when in a lesson.

I’m sorry, I totally misread your first post :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw “iPhone” and immediately assumed it was related to the press and hold function on the app. Next time I’ll make sure to read the whole post before responding!