How to earn points

good day ^-^

i’m sure this has been covered somewhere (although the points page didn’t seem all that specific about it to me), but i’m interested in learning how i can earn points. what can i do to earn them, and how much can i earn as opposed to buying them? (i don’t have a lot of cash to spend, but i’m still very interested in being active at lingq.) any and all feedback appreciated.

My understanding is that you can earn points other than paying either by creating and sharing content that other members use or by being a tutor and correcting writing and holding Skype sessions.

?Help->Courses->How do I get points?

"You can buy points. You can receive a monthly points allowance as a Plus or Premium member. You can also earn points by sharing lessons with other members or by being extremely active on the site. "

You’re already a Basic member. Next step is to splash out $10 on some points, sign up with a tutor and see how you get on. Click on Buy Points and take it from there.

Fastest way to earn points is to become a tutor and I highly recommend it!

awesome – thanks everyone ^ ^