How to do backwards translation?

Evgueny’s lesson on backwards translation has intrigued me so I’m wondering how it’s exactly done. As a Russian learner, do I just simply pick a short English text and then translate it into Russian?

And for those who do practice this method, what is your opinion and what kind of advice could you give? Thanks!

As I have not read Evgueny’s text, I cannot comment on it. The one person I know of who swears by backwards translation is Luca Lampariello. He uses it at the early stages of learning. I seem to remember that he picks a text, translates into his native (?) language and some time later translates it back into his target language. His website should give you more details.

Hey I have tried doing this, it is a good way of studying I think, you could try by first learning the material, luca lampariello recommends aiding assimil where you have the correct translations in each language, so first open a lesson, maybe try and read and understand it, then the next day or a few days later, translate from your language in to the language you are learning, then compare your answer to the text provided, I think I actually skipped a step when I did it as I did not translate from spanish into English, it is a good method as it makes you think snd you realise what you don’t know, you could try this with assimil or getting some other text from the internet that provides grammatically correct text, assimil is recommended as it’s for people learning languages, and there is bilingual translation