How to dictate in several languages?

Hi everybody,

In one of his recent YouTube video, Steve spoke about dictating to his smartdevice (phone or tablet). I tried it and found out it really works like a charm… except when the system tries to use the wrong language!

In my case, the default (=system) language is French, I currently dictate a lot in Spanish, will also do very soon in German too, and I use English as an ‘alternate’ language.

Problem is I didn’t find any way to specify to the Google ‘vocal keyboard’ the specific language I’m currently dictating in. And more often than I would like, the system tries to find/create words from a wrong language.

Any idea or setting I could use to solve this issue? It would be very helpful as I use this function a lot, especially for creating grammar phrases/exercices on flashcards.

Thanks for your answers.