How to Delete a Forum Post

Do I have a way of deleting a forum post I make? I found after posting in the Open French Forum that a correction was needed, and I could not see a way of deleting the post and starting again. So I had to make a response to my own post, in order to post the correction. Then I realized the link was not working, since I had forgotten to use a link shortener, which made me have to go back in and make yet another post. This can sometimes lead to a confusing situation for the readers.

It would be nicer for the readers if they had only just the one, corrected post to read. Is there a way for me to delete a post so that I can post one which is free of errors?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete or correct a post. I miss this functionality for years but as far as I know it is not on the priority list.

I am sorry, but your words on the forums are carved in stone.

Thanks guys. Sometimes a function might be there staring me in the face, but I still can’t see it until I ask someone else and they tell me.

I guess the same is true of the wall posts? I would like to be able to manage my own wall, but that does not seem possible either–I do not think I can delete posts on my wall.

It is strange, but you cannot erase the messages on your wall.

It is not strange that we cannot satisfy all the requests for changes and improvements at LingQ. We do not have unlimited means. Our focus is on learning functionality, ease of use, and attracting new members.

yeah, sure, I agree with Steve…but…If it was something so difficult, i would not say anything…but to develope the function for deleting messages would take maybe 30 minutes (not more)…I have already developed similar phorums. 30 minutes is enough because it takes much less…but for someone who does not have a lot of experience with it, 30 minutes :slight_smile:
as far as to develeop the function for editing…it would not take more than one hour

But I know, that it is not your priority and that the time is expensive for everyone :slight_smile:

It is strange because you should be in charge of YOUR wall.

There are many tasks that only take a little time to do, although usually not as little time as we think, however, we still have to have some sense of priorities, and stay focused on them.

I do not know about “should” but I doubt if many users are bothered by the inability to edit their wall. Where we have spammers we have just deleted their account and the seems to take care of that problem.

“I doubt if many users are bothered by the inability to edit their wall.”
I don’t know if you have asked the members about their needs.

Well, I am not too bothered, I have learnt to be careful about posting on my own wall, but it would be a nice feature to have the ability to edit something put there in error.

You are quite right Yutaka, and we intend to complete our priority items to improve navigation, site speed, ease of use for newcomers, fun on the site etc. before asking members about what they would like.

When we get persistent requests from many people, for example the request to add languages, we try to respond. We did have over 300 people vote for Korean and will add it this week. We have not had large numbers of people request the ability to edit their walls.

We simply have to stay with our priorities in order to achieve our goal of making LingQ a viable and self-sustaining language learning community. This means that not all users can be satisfied all the time.

All of these things are on our list of feature requests. The editing of forum posts is a frequently requested feature. However, it is certainly not a half hour job as TheDoctor suggests, or we would have done it by now. In fact, we tried to do it once before and gave up because it was taking too long and we had to move on to other more important things. I’m not sure why, but it is not a simple fix. We will get to improving the forum and wall eventually.

Web site development is not an easy thing. I get the sense that things are all interconnected and that if you make a minor change over here, it might cause a major problem over there in some other unintended place.

I appreciate the efforts of Steve and Mark to keep things running as smoothly as they do!

I just want to mention that I am not to bothered with it any more. I am used to it. The main reason, I am here, is learning languages. Sure, it would be good some other functions, but it does not bother me. If it was it here, okay…I would appreciate it…just take your time and hoppefully it will be in the future :slight_smile:

Wow, there are mistakes in my comment :)))) now, I would appreciate the function for editing :))))))))))) sorry :slight_smile:

We should get used to errors, errors when we read, and errors when we write, even as native speakers. This makes us less inhibited about writing and trains the ability to notice errors. Errors are good.

I know that Mark will eventually find the time to enable editing here. I will consider that unfortunate. Let the errors flow!