How to delete a course from the playlist?

I misclicked and added this course “Who is she” in my playlist.
I’ve finishid it but i can’t delete it from the playlist.
How can i solve it?

Hello, Fael168!

I actually have the same issue and I’m going to follow this post. That is a great question as I have had a course stuck there and don’t see any way to remove it.

Thank you and have a great day, hopefully support comments soon.

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I hope they answer this question because it’s bothering me already lol
Good luck for us.

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You will need to remove a course/lessons from it from the Continue Studying shelf and the Playlist will then disappear automatically too.

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I removed it already. The times the i’ve listened to it has vanished , but the course is still there.
I’m gonna wait to see if later on the course is gonna vanish as well.

Any solutions?