How to create Lingq's for single characters when it's already part of a bigger Lingq

In Chinese texts, I’m finding that not all sentences are parsed into Lingqs the way that I would like. For instance there is a Lingq for 新房子, meaning ‘new house’ . I would like to save this as two Lingqs. One for 新 (new) and another for 房子 (house). Can this be done? Otherwise, I will get Lingqs for new house, old house, small house, big house, new bed, old bed, new lamp, old lamp, etc.

Another example: 很难 (very difficult) has a single Lingq assigned to it. I prefer one Lingq for 很 (very) and another for 难 (difficult).

Interested to hear how to deal with this.

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That’s not possible at the moment, you can’t select parts of a word to save it separately. What you can do is use the Import Vocabulary feature to add those words manually if you want.

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Edited to add: Sorry for the late reply but maybe this will help others with the same question.

When in sentence mode, click the 3-dot menu in upper right corner to use the “edit sentence” feature and click one or two times in the rectangle containing the sentence, then separate and/or regroup the characters by adding and deleting spaces. Good luck!