How to create an online dictionary for LingQ?

I would like to know what is necessary for LingQ to be able to use an online dictionary.

I know that in order for LingQ to offer a language, there needs to be an online dictionary available. In the future, there is a certain language I would like to use LingQ for studying. I know the contact details of an author of a dictionary for this language and I would like to contact him about getting his dictionary to work with LingQ. So I would like to know what is going to be necessary. He already has the dictionary searchable online (and I have purchased the print version of his dictionary.) It is at

So how should I approach him about this? Will he need to create an interface so LingQ can use his dictionary?

Also, I will do my best to recruit speakers of that language to create content. The written language uses the English alphabet only, no accent markers. The tones are indicated by consonant letters, and spaces are used so there will not need to be any special programming or problems for LingQ.

Are there any other considerations to take into account to get a new language added to LingQ? I know this is planned to be possible in a few months so I want to get prepared now. Please let me know what to do.

Thank you,

When we add more languages we will get in touch with you, or Keith, you can remind us. There is too much for us to do right now so we cannot respond to your question for the time being.