How to correct the Japanese splitting?


As you can see enclosed, I have a word that is wrongly grouped “のなやみ”, where it should be two words, “の” and “なやみ”

How can I correct that ?

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If you’re able to edit the lesson, or the sentence, you can just add a space character where it needs to go. Is this a shared lesson, or a private one only you have access to?

Corrected result
の なやみ.

There is a lot of issues like that. Every text, every single lessons, there is some miss splitting.

The translation are false + the splitting is a mess, maybe the dev can do something to try to improve the global quality of the japanese on the app.

But for now, just thing that everytime you face one miss splitting like that, you will never forget it hopefully :smile:

Here’s the workaround I’m using:
Go to print lesson, copy and paste the text into ChatGPT and ask it to add spaces between words and particles. Then, reimport it back into Lingq as a new lesson.

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It doesn’t work. I tried. LingQ resplits it again as it wants, ignoring the whitespaces in the original.

Is it respliting it again for you incorrectly on new words (blue) only? Curious, because I preloaded my vocabulary with all the JLPT N5-N1 words and I wonder if that’s making a difference for me.

If you don’t mind my asking, how does

preloaded my vocabulary with all the JLPT N5-N1 words
work exactly?

what does it achieve?
I am quite interested in this.

It’s probably not resplitting. LingQ has a problem with updating text. For example, sometimes I have to change the text to something random like 00000 then save then put to normal text and then that works.

It’s quite annoying and I don’t expect them to fix it any time soon since the issues been around for around a year as far as I know.

I tried Lingq for a month, but gave up and went with another tool. I felt I was spending too much time finding work arounds to use Lingq for Japanese and I wanted something that just works.

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