How to contact Stephen Krashen?

I’ve been watching all of Stephen Krashen’s videos on youtube, and he seems to be an innovator in the area of language learning.

I’ve tried to contact him on Twitter witrh many questions about his philosophies and approaches, but he ignores all my messages.

Just wondering if anyone knows a good way to get in touch with him, maybe through a website or email?

you could try his youtube channel

I have tried to contact him, since I believe that LingQ is an effective implementation of his views on language learning, and because I was influenced by him. I would even like to interview him. I have never received an answer.

Yes, he seems to be very elusive for some reason :slight_smile:

Cartman, he’s just really busy, and I don’t think he checks social media like twitter very much, although he uses it to send out info. He’s not just an innovator in language learning, he’s been the leading advocate of comprehension-based language learning since the 70s. It’s not really realistic to contact him on twitter and expect him to respond to individual questions about his ideas like that. He’s a pretty personable guy, it seems, but he’s just really busy.

Steve, why not just send him a friend request on facebook with a polite and short message about who you are and that you’re an admirer of his. That’s what I did, and he responded. He’s a pretty active guy, and pretty keen about spreading the word on comprehension-based language learning. I really don’t think he’s hard to get ahold of. I was just reading an article he wrote a couple months ago, and he was participating in the comments section of the article and replying to individual people.

Thanks Mark. I will do that.

He also posts and responds to posts in a Yahoo group for teachers who use use comprehensible input methods…so he’s not a recluse! BTW, he will be the keynote speaker at the National TPRS conference July 22-26 in Dallas.

Thanks, I have left a comment on his page at Facebook. Maybe I should visit one of these TPRS conferences. July in Dallas will be a scorcher I owuld imagine.

DEF: a scorcher = a very hot day


Which yahoo group does he post into? Maybe I can go there.

I understand the man is busy, but I have received emails and twitters from numerous celebrities, sports stars, and
famous authors.

Its the era of the internet, come on… :slight_smile:

The Yahoo group is moretprs. This is a group of pretty dedicated teachers so I’m not sure how they’d respond to someone who is probably not interested in teaching…(just saying…) EDIT - There’s an interesting discussion going on there just now about aquisition vs “learning”.

@Steve: Yes, Dallas in July…sigh…and last year it was Las Vegas in July…And one year it was Kansas City in July…But then again, one year it was Vermont in July. That was wonderful!

Well I’m gonna crash their party, nevertheless!!! I will get some good quotes and advice from Stephen Krashen in 2013, thats one of my Resolutions :slight_smile: