How to complete my open request?

I posted my open request several hours ago and got some requests.
I just want to complete my request, but I couldn’t find any button for completion. I cannot post my thank you comments there.

How to complete my request and reward my points to correctors?

The request will be completed automatically once all points are spent to reward the correctors. You can give some points to one of the correctors and give all the rest of the points to another corrector. You can reward the points in any proportion you want to make it fair.

BUT you cannot post a comment. That feature is not working. (See the thread “I cannot post a comment on the page…” by Yutaka.

I’m still confusing how to spend my points to reward the correctors and when my request will be completed automatically.
I posted my open request about ten hours ago and 15 members corrected it. And the numbers of the correctors are still growing.

I want to complete my request. I can’t do what you wrote. I cannot post any comment there. Something wrong with my exchange page.

Sorry for the trouble here! There is currently an issue on the Exchange page with awarding points. We hope to have this issue resolved very soon.

This issue, and the other issues on the Exchange, should now be resolved. Let us know if you encounter any other issues here!

Thank you. I finally completed my request.