How to choose a font

As far as I know, there are only very limited options as what fonts we can use. Is there any additional hidden option for that?
Anyway, I think possibility of choosing a right font would be a very useful feature.

That’s what I currently need this feature for:

(It’s done with a bit of hacking, what I generally prefer to avoid.)

You can change the font size and choose between 4 different Font Styles under the settings.

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Thank you for the answer. It looks like I haven’t made my question clear, sorry for that (edited). I agree that choosing one of the four predefined fonts is a valuable feature. But that’s not useful enough when an essential font is not among those four.

For example, old German books (especially pre-1941) are written in Fraktur-font. I want to learn to read such books, so I have chosen Fraktur for all my LingQ lessons. I don’t know if my case is unique, but I can imagine there must be similar cases for other languages.

It would be such a convenience to choose among all installed fonts instead of little tricks like font-family property changing.