How to change the spelling

how to change the spelling of words while saving? This is very necessary in the German language. For example, the word “sehen” in the first person singular is “sehe”, LingQ it save “sehe” (if the word is in the text so) !!! But I need the infinitive!!! And then I need to go to the my dictionary and to correct all the words that I have kept in a “non-standard” form. Please, help me!!!
And how can I write nouns with a capital letter? “das Haus” instead “das hous”.


You’re not supposed to change the word like that. Just save it in the form it shows up in and continue doing that. The same word will show up later in different forms and then you simply add those too as needed. This is how LingQ works. LingQ doesn’t know the connection between sehen and sehe. If you change sehe to sehen then the next time sehe shows up you will have to add it again.

You cannot change the form that is saved, but you can join the dictionary form to the translation!