How to change my language to study

I checked in Settings and Account. But I can’t find a place to replace one of my two languages I added as to be studied, or add another language. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

If you know a way to let the forum auto notify me by email, I’d love to know that too. Thanks. But I’ll check back here once in a while.

Hi yong321,

You can change languages using the switch in the top left corner of the site. You can not “close” a language once you have opened it. You can control your email settings for a language on the Settings page. You can follow forum threads by ticking “Watch thread” or “Watch forum” at the top of the pages on the forum.

Thank you. I didn’t realize it was the big down-arrow or triangle. I was looking for words or a selection drop-down in the main part of the page.