How to change language?

I am learning Lithuanian - English, but now I want to learn English - Swedish.
Is it possible to have those two different options?
If yes, how to do that?

Isn’t that:

Setting - Profile language: English - Learning Language: Swedish ( by chosing lessons in Swedish)?

You can change your study language under the language switch on the top right on the site.
To change your dictionary language, click on the settings button on the home page (gear icon next to the Vocabulary and Playlist tabs) and when settings popup appear you can change the dictionary language under the Reader Settings tab.

Thank you.
It is works, but need change back every time then I came back to my Lithuanian - English.
I am in the beginning right now and for me better English - Swedish, than Lithuanian - Swedish. :slight_smile: I don’t know why, but looks I better understand in that way.