How to break up a sentence properly?

I’ve got this Japanese sentence どうしました and it breaks it up as どう, し, まし, た. That just doesn’t work. I want it to be どう and しました. How do I change that? Thanks.

Yes, our Japanese splitter can do strange things. We actually have made some fixes to our splitting but old lessons have to be manually re-split to be updated. If you are a Premium user, you can edit all lessons. This lets you add or remove spaces to correct the text. Just keep in mind that your changes do affect all users so don’t do things just for yourself like grouping words into phrases etc… You can always LingQ words together to create phrase LingQs anyway without editing the text.

The breakdown you are proposing above is what we want. You should see a “Resplit Text” button when you edit any Japanese lesson. This will apply our latest splitting logic to that lesson and should fix the issue you mention above. If not, you can then adjust things manually.

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