How to book a conversation on this Sundy - it seems impossible

Hi great support team!

With Kevin we notice that is impossible to book a conversation for today (Sunday 6th of March).
It seems that there is no scheldule available for all tutors, which is wrong.
Alex, Mark, Can you check this point please ?

You cannot book 1 on 1 lessons for the same day. Only group conversations can be booked in the last minute.

Ow really, Vera? I didn’t know that. Is there a reason or is it a bug?

The reason it that the tutor should know about the conversation in advance. It would be very inconvenient for a tutor to stay in front of the computer and wait if someone is signing up. Tutors get an email when there is a conversation, but not everyone is able to check emails all over the day.

That sounds strange for me because when I have nobody who has booked a conversation, I cancel all my availibilities and go out. But if I stay at home, I didn’t cancel anythink and I thought that people could book a conversation. We have two demonstrations this morning. Two members wanted to book a conversation for this morning in French, but they couldn’t whereas tutors were available.

Not everyone cancels. It is not practical to expect tutors who have put up a lot of conversations to then go in and cancel them all.

We are thinking of some system where tutors can indicate that they are available and and learners can sign up at the last minute, when they feel like it.

For a last minute sign-up a tutor can create a one-slot group discussions

it seems now I am on the ‘put-an-article-everywhere’ stage :)))

Rasana you are always a few steps ahead of me. Can you explain what you mean by your last two posts?


“We are thinking of some system where tutors can indicate that they are available and and learners can sign up at the last minute, when they feel like it.”

That sounds great! I hope you will implement this feature soon!

"For a last minute sign-up a tutor can create one-slot group discussions "

this seems the easiest, just make it part of the tutor’s kit, no programming!

But nobody offers one-slot group discussions…

Nobody? Am I nobody? I use one-slot group discussions a lot :))


You are most definitely somebody :slight_smile:


Chicken and egg syndrome. If nobody is aware of this, they will not do it.

Yes you can create a group discussion and wait for people to show up, but that means making sure you are there. Tutors are free to do that now.

I was thinking more along the lines of when a tutor is by the computer and would accept a discussion, he or she just indicates that he or she is available, and this info should be easily advertized on the site, so that anyone who is the mood for a discussion can just sign up.

Anyway it is just one many ideas on our list.

Actually, it’s the way I worked without knowing it doesn’t work ;-(
Never mind. Now there is the tips of Cakypa…thanks :wink:

Another thing I noticed : I have booked a 30-minutes conversation with an english tutor…and I didn’t pay attention but someone book a conversation with me as french tutor at the same hour…I didn’t pay attention and Lingq neither. So I had to cancel conversation when I noticed it but a little late…

I like your idea, Steve, and would love to see it implemented. On the other hand, I’d also like to automatically appear as unavailable when I book a conversation with another tutor. Would this be doable?

That has been suggested before (I think), and it would be much easier to book (and add) new times. It’s a lot of cross-checking back and forth now.