How to block annoying pop-up while reading on Chrome

Edit: apparently the Stylus extension is also available for Firefox, so it is not just for Chrome.

A few people have complained about the annoying pop-up that appears when reading. It covers useful information and needs to be manually closed which is really annoying and disrupts the reading. In my opinion, there should not be pop-ups that cover useful information and need to be manually closed on a reading interface. If you want to get rid of it, I made a small script that can be used with the Chrome stylus extension. I describe on this post how to install a different script I made

The extension I mention there does a lot more than block this pop-up but I made a small one that does only that and can be found in the same way as the other script.

Basic instructions:

  1. Install Stylus extension. This should be easy. Just google “stylus chrome extension” and follow the top result.

  2. Install script. It can be found here: LingQ: remove goal notification pop-up —

For more detailed instructions see my other post above and just choose the script with the title “LingQ: remove goal notification pop-up” instead of the other one. Note: I have not tested this script (just copied the relevant lines from the other script) so please let me know if it does not work.

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