How to become a tutor?

Do you have to “become” a tutor? If so…how? I’m interested in correcting people’s writings and possibly hosting tutor sessions via Skype, but I don’t know how.

I’m under the impression that someone must seek out the corrector of their writing. On the writing page you can “choose your corrector.” Upon clicking, it prompts you with a few tutors. This puzzles me, because it seems to be the most reputable people. I can understand that someone would want someone with a good reputation, but if people aren’t given a chance they can’t earn a reputation (good OR bad). How does one go about correcting people’s writings?

I also have questions regarding hosting tutoring sessions via Skype.

Must you speak the language of your student? Do you need to have planned “lessons” or will the student come with specific questions or things they would like explained in depth?

Thank you for any help!

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Hi Calan,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a tutor.

Your assumption is correct about writing correctors. You are welcome to post on members’ walls, on the forum, etc. about your interest in correcting writings, as this will help to get your name out there among the learners.

When tutoring, you are not required to speak the language of the learner (in fact, ideally you should only be speaking the target language). It may be helpful in certain situations, but the goal is to get the learner to communicate in the target language rather than in their own language.
It is completely up to the tutor whether or not they prepare lessons, and there are many different styles of learners. Some prefer to discuss a current event, some choose to role play, others prefer to just chat about various things. However, it is the tutor’s job to keep the conversation rolling.

Good luck!

where i click to become a tutor?

Hi Calan:
"Do you need to have planned “lessons” or will the student come with specific questions or things they would like explained in depth? "

The way it worked for me was that as soon as I offered conversations a couple of Japanese ladies (all experienced LingQers) signed up for my conversations and very politely told me what they expected from a tutor. I just did as I was told :wink:

You could try signing up for a French conversation with an experienced tutor to see how they do it.

@susannamiranda - Go to the Settings page and scroll down to the Tutor Settings. You can choose your language to correct writing in or to host conversations in.

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Hi Administrator,

I set up my profile as Portuguese Tutor and booked some classes at may own calender, however, when after access the page Speaking or Writting my classes couldn´t be seen, what can I do?

@eliasbrsilva - You’ve done everything just perfectly :slight_smile: You won’t be able to see your own conversations, but they do appear on the Speak page and your profile page for other users to see.

I swore I’d never ask this, but could I please have editing rights for English. All for the sake of an errant apostrophe!

Thank you for offering to help! I’ve now given you editor access for English.

I would like to be an English tutor, please how can i get some student to teach?

When you add conversation times through the Speak page, other members will see your name appear on the Speak page. Wheneer a student signs up for a conversation with you, you will receive an email notification.
To get more students, I recommend advertising your services to other members and sprucing up your profile description a bit with any credentials you may have. Good luck!

I wanted to be a Turkish Tutor and had some questions to ask but I learned even more than I would like to know. Thank you Alex for your great help here!

How do I send work when it doesn’t let me, I’m a member and I have payed?

@georgekolev - What exactly are you trying to do when you say you are sending work? If you are trying to submit writing for correction, you will need points. Only Plus and Premium memberships come with points. Basic membership gives you a 50% discount on points but you still need to buy points to use tutoring services.

Who wants to learn dutch in exchange for english ?

I’ve realized recently that paying members with a Basic membership, though paying, have no points and don’t have access to Tutors (conversations or writings corrected); isn’t this a bit unfair? Have you ever considered that a Basic membership gives you some points, let’s say in the same proportion as the Premium Membership? You pay $39/month, you get 3000 points/month, so it would be something between 750 and 1000 points a month, or at least enough points to schedule a conversation with a tutor. Probably other members have requested this, but I searched the forums and didn’t find anything. What do you think?


I am a paying member with a Basic membership. I have been paying 10 dollars a month. A long time ago, I was a Premium member paying 79 dollars a month, and used to buy extra points with 50% discount. I think Basic members can buy points with 50% discount—the rate is the same as that for Premium members. Free members are not entitled to the discount. (I have no points now, so I cannot submit this for correction.)

@mfr - Actually the Basic membership will give you full access to all of the premium features on the site and in our mobile apps. The cost for the Plus membership is made up of: $10 (premium features) + $29 (slight discount on 3000 points). There are quite a few members on LingQ who interact with tutors, but many others who just prefer to study on their own. The Basic membership is then a good option for these members, as they may not want to pay for points that they don’t plan on using.