How to be a tutor on lingq

Hi guys! I tried to become a tutor on lingq, i am a Brazillian and i want to teach, to give help to who wants to get a better level in portuguese, but after complete my profile on plataform (with all the things, level of language, description about me, skype…But i can’t find my profile as a tutor on the tutors page. Should i have to be it certain level? Wich is the things i must have to be a tutor on lingq?

I’m a beginner at english, but i already taught and helpes some people on portuguese before, i have this experience to introduce someone in my native language, and i can help! At least try to begin and improve my skill as a teacher lol. Can someone help me?

Obrigado!! Thanks guys

Welcome, Renato!

Some tutors complained a while ago that the tutor page on LingQ didn’t work, like it wouldn’t show their schedule or availability the way they had set it in their profile.
The platform has a lot of bugs so you probably don’t want to rely solely on LingQ as a tutor. Just check on it from time to time, whenever you’re using it for your own learning, like reading or listening to podcasts, for which LingQ still is basically irreplacable.