How to award points

I posted an exchange request and received two responses which did not provide a satisfactory answer to my question, then another person commented with what I needed but they did not respond as a response to my request, so there is no button that allows me to award points to them.

How do I award the points to this person and close the request?

The same happened to me. There are two possibilities: 1. you approach support with the details and they’ll link the post into the Exchange. The second possibility is much easier: you can gift points on the profile page of the contributor whose response you accepted.

@jfeka - You can just ask this person to submit it again as a proper response, saying that you can’t award points unless they do this. Hopefully this will also ensure that this person submits responses properly in the future as well.

@jfeka - It’s a better idea to ask this person to resubmit using the response form. If you pay them directly on their wall, you will still have those points set aside for the request that you will then need to award to one of the respondents.

Thanks, I’ve done as alex and mark suggested and the situation is closed.