How to avoid seeing Lessons already Done?


When I click on a course that I’m doing, the lessons always start from the 1st. But if there are 200 lessons inside that course, each time we need to scroll down to find the ones we haven’t done yet.

Is there a way to avoid seeing the ones already done? So to avoid scrolling until to find the next one to do?



It’s not possible at the moment, sorry. When you open a course., lessons are always listed in order they actually appear in the course. I agree it can be annoying for courses with lot of lessons. We’ll see what we can do about it.

Ok thanks. I wanted to like the answer but apparently likes are deactivated in this moment.

I thought it is just my problem with disabled likes.
@Zoran, is this problem with likes already reported?

It is. yes. We will get it fixed.

Please fix one more.
The clicking a notification about a new forum repliy leads to the beginning of the thread but not to the message in the thread.