How to avoid being quizzed on Chinese Characters

Hi, how do I avoid being quizzed on Chinese characters in the LingQ Android app? I can only accomplish this on the website accessed via my PC. Thanks.

What exactly you mean by avoid being quizzed? Can you please explain that a bit more?

Well, I am using the android app and a flashcard may ask me to select the Chinese character (multiple choice etc) that best represents a word. I only want the flashcards to ask me about the vocabulary using pinyin or English. Most of my flashcards are added by clicking on an unfamiliar word in LingQ and adding it through the popup dictionaries this website has. Please tell me if you need more detail. Thanks.

In that case, you may want to look under the Settings > Review Settings and disable tests you don’t want to use. You can disable the multiple choice test and do the Flashcards only if that’s what you prefer.