How to archive a lesson?

I can’t find anymore how to archive a lesson. Is it still possible?

@MonicaC - No, we have removed Archiving. It was an added complication that confused people more than it helped. Lessons you are finished with should just naturally disappear from view as you move on to newer lessons which appear at the top of your Lessons list. What kind of lessons are you wanting to Archive? Completed lessons or lessons you don’t want to study anymore?

I would like to archive lessons that I don’t think to study anymore, but I’m not brave enough to delete them. They could be either completed or abandoned.

In that case, you should either delete them if you want to abandon them, or, just ignore them and they will quite quickly drift to the bottom of your list and eventually disappear. However, you can always search for them again in future. More or less the same as archiving, just less work! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the prompt replies. I will get used to the new way, I guess.
There is quite a number of differences compared to the past. Most of them are really great!

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