How to add to the lesson

I posted this but it vanished, maybe I haven’t.

I created a lesson and tried to add more to the bottom. It shows in the edit / lesson mode but not in the reading mode and it does not generate sound.

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I’ve never tried to add a sentence so I tried it out. It looks like it autosaves, but you might want to verify you see the green “saved” at the top next to the “view lesson” button.

Other things that seem like they could throw one off is that if click on the last sentence that you already have it opens translation and notes sections. Make sure you’re not pasting in there, but rather at the very bottom.

The other thing you can do, rather than add sentence/paragraph is to click “regenerate lesson”. This will turn the entire lesson into a text only field and you can just add the extra sentences/words/paragraphs that you want at the end. Then click save (unless this autosaves). Warning, this probably will mess up any other editing you’ve done, maybe even existing timestamps (if you have audio). You can click “generate timestamps” after these edits though and that should adjust the sound to each sentence properly. Note, if you did any specific timestamp sentence editing before to adjust any audio timestamps, those edits would need to be done again most likely.

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