how to add the words in srs?

when I create the lingqs, they don’t appear in the srs part, how do I make the lingqs appear in that part of the review?

I would like to know how do I make my lingqs appear on srs due’s page. when i create the lingqs they don’t show up on the srs page. How do I make them appear on mobile?

When you create LingQs, they don’t immediately appear under the SRS section. Based on the status of the words (1-Known), they will show up in that section on a schedule. I may have some of the numbers wrong here, but I believe status 1 words are due for review every day (after creating the LingQ), status 2 every 3 days, status 3 every week, status 4 every month, and known words never appear for review.

Like I said, I might have those numbers slightly off, but I believe it’s close to that.

Thank you very much!