How to add friends

hello ,I have a problem,how to add friends in lingq?can you tell me?I need details ,pls help me,thank you very much!

Welcome to LingQ. To add friends you just go to their profile and add them. They then have to decide if they accept you as a friend. I just accepted you as a friend. We are gradually going to increase the ways in which friends communicate with each other. For the time being you can set your profile to allow your friends to see your email address and skype name if you want. You can also invite friends to discussions.

I am happy to have an enthusiastic new member at LingQ.



thank you for your kindly help and now I am able to add friends under you aid,thank you agian !I also add you as a friend!
you can speak chinese?
I would like to help you if you have any need in chinese ,don’t Hesitate to tell me,it’s my It honor to help LINGQ!
good lucky to you!

Hello friends! I have such problem as a new member and a student without good knowledge in English. I try to write, to see all pages, but while I can’t understand, how everything is working there. I am waiting a help!

Hi Minadora,

Why don’t you go to the Russian forum (Русский Форум Обо Всем (Open Forum In Russian) - Language...) and ask there where someone can then answer you in Russian. There is also lots of help available in Russian. Just click on the red question mark icon in the top right corner of the site.

If you have specific questions, you can also ask them here.

Hi Minadora,

please click “Welcome”. There is a lot of help there. Or put a concrete question what can`t you understand.

Добрый день, Раиса! Вы на самом деле, как предложил Марк, можете задать любой вопрос на русском языке на русскоговорящем форуме и мы, русскоговорящие пользователи LingQ, Вам обязательно поможем! :slight_smile:

Oh! Thank you, Mark! Thank you, Junair! Thank you, Cakypa! I have no doubt now that I can to understand and to work here, with you, so kind and so good friends!