How to add accents on French letters?

Hello, could someone please let me know how to put accents on my French letters?

Merci beaucoup.


With a French keyboard, by memorizing the alt codes, or with a site like


For me, the best way for the French letters is by using the alt codes, because the French keyboard layout is very different from the Italian one, so it’s more difficult. For other languages, like Polish, Romanian or Portuguese, I rather change the keyboard layout.

Thank you, David and Michele, I’m grateful to you both. I will try the alt codes first and see how well I go.

Many thanks again.


You can also type accents without a French keyboard and without alt codes. Macs and Windows use very simple though different ways to type them. This page shows both ways:

If you use Linux, the method will probably vary according to your distribution.
Here is an explanation of keyboard dead keys. The explanation isn’t as simple as the above for Macs and Windows, but it is Linux, so what can you expect, right?

Disclaimer: I use Linux and Macs about 50-50. My Linux keyboard is set to English (US, International with dead keys).

Thank you so much for that, Don, I use Windows so will use a French keyboard on the computer.

Thank you very much indeed.


Í am working on this today, and was able to install the International US keyboard on my Windows 8 Laptop by following these instructions, and so far, it seems to work very nicely. QUOTE----Please, try the following. Go to “Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Language” click on English (United States) … “options”, then “Add an input method”, search for [QWERTY] United States-International Touch Keyboard layout (in my case) or similar; then “Add”.

Once it shows up the international sort, REMOVE the default English input method.

You should be able then to do ñ, á é í ó ú in no time by pressing first the accent and then the letter

Then hold Ctrl and Alt + ! to make ¡
Then hold Ctrl and Alt + ? to make ¿

The post I am looking at is for Spanish, but works from French as well. Comes from Redirecting

Buy an iPad :stuck_out_tongue:
for Portuguese and Spanish I use Word when I use my laptop.

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I made a guide for the entire process.

With computers you can download other keyboards. Laoshu made a video on how to download other keyboards.