How to Access Tutor Page

OK. I am not one to embrace change so quickly. How do I find my tutor page that lists my conversations and corrections??

Is the only place I find listings of corrections waiting to be done on the “Write” page?

Why, when I go to the Speak page, do I see conversations from 2008??? Where is my listing for today. I have a discussion in 15 min. that I can’t find a listing for.

What do I click on to find my Tutor Home Page? Have I asked enough questions yet?

I’ve found it now:)) Go to the speak section - on the right margin there’s an Add/Edit Conversations link which takes you to the calendar where you can create conversations and see the ones you have already created.

The tutor home page is no longer available. You can see all your conversations on the Speak page in the My Conversations list. Yes, it can show old conversations. We will work to remove those. However, you should see current conversations further down the page.

Can anyone tutor, even if the person is learning the language himself?

Excuse me, but why would you tutor a language that you are learning yourself and not fluent in?

That is exactly what I was wondering about.

How many English tutors know Russian, Japanese, Chinese? What will you do when somebody learning English from scratch sign up for 1-on-1? You don’t speak Russian/Japanese/Chinese he doesn’t speak English. In this case Russian/Japanese/Chinese native, tutoring in English can help.

Btw, for Russian the answer is 4: Steve, Daniel, Adrian, Helen.

It is unlikely that a person not fluent will offer to tutor in the language. It is rare that a non-native will offer to tutor in a language, and even rarer that a person will sign up with a non-native.

But it does happen. I had regular learners in French, and even one beginner learner of Russian who wanted to work with me on Who is She.

But Steve we have to rule you out. You’re here like a superstar!

Actually, there is an older thread about this. Someone (who had some limited experience living in another country or two) wanted to teach those languages. In some countries, that may be enough real experience to teach another language. I think the main thing is for everyone to be certain about the tutor’s level.

I wouldn’t want to send Japanese to someone who posted as “Jun Tanaka” to only find it was little Johnny Love Anime in NJ who only knows a bit of Japanese from Manga and daddy’s Rosetta Stone.

Sorry, that should be “only to find out”. NJ=New Jersey (a state next to New York).

@RQ - The thing is to go the tutor’s profile and find someone who suits you before you sign up with them. Everyone has different preferences on who they want as a tutor.

I can see the wisdom on this one. People have different goals.