How to access a series of lessons

In German, there’s a series of lessons produced by Deutsche Welle called Nicos Weg.

Is there anywhere on LingQ where the episodes are group together and easily accessible in order, say, similar to how the Mini Stories are easily accessible?

Try the search bar in the top left if on PC. Not sure about mobile.

Thank you but I’m not getting that to work well, at least not with the level settings and other settings I’m using.

The filter “Deutsche Welle” returns a lot of content. Searching for “Nicos Weg,” I get episodes in a rather random order, including with duplicates.

If I tried to search for a specific episode number, it seems the search feature uses a subset string match, rather than some sort of intelligent fuzzy logic matching.

What I’ve tried, I can’t get it to work. With a bit of a Netflix-inspired approach to the layout of lessons, I’m thinking that grouping individual lessons, in order of a “series,” should be well supported.

I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.