How -- technically -- do you add another language?

I’m pretty new on lingq. I initially started working in German and selected it as a language I’m learning and have worked on a couple of German lessons including importing one. Fine.

I would also like to be able to select and work on texts in Spanish. Except that I can’t see how to do so.

I look at my profile and you’d think that you can easily select additional languages to study, but how? When I display my profile, you see a drop-down. It shows German. I can change it to Spanish, but it doesn’t save and there is no save button or way to “ask” it to save. And when I get out of my profile, German remains the only language visible and the only material offered to me.

When I look at “Settings”, there’s a “Languages” link down the left-hand side menu. The obvious thing would be that you could select an additional language there…But how? There’s no “Add” button or obvious way of adding or deleting languages.

P.S. Basic “how to” information on the interface should be very easily findable…It’s inadequate and I’m finding it frustrating and irritating.

When you have a german lesson on the screen you see above the lesson a circle with the colours of the german flag. Click on that circle and you wil get a series of languages which you can choose by clicking. Good Luck!

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Yes, they should have a FAQ or “How to” more than just the videos, but you are looking too hard. Just click on the arrow beside your language flag and known words count in the top-right.

Hi @junoba,
You can change your study language at any time by using the language switch on the top right. Just click on it and list of all available languages will appear in the dropdown list. Then you can simple choose any language you want. With one LingQ account you can learn as many languages as you like.

Languages Settings page which you mentioned is a place where you can delete languages which you have selected by mistake or to reset progress in languages you are learning and start over.