How Steve learnt languages mini-story perhaps missing in Danish

In some languages, i came across a series of articles that related how Steve learnt languages - he tells the story of how he travelled by train, bought a French singer LP for a girlfriend’s parents , worked his way across the Atlantic etc. Has anyone else seen these. I am now in Danish - but I can’t find this similar story - does anyone know if it is not in Danish? I find it very helpful to provide good useful vocabulary, but also because i know the gist, and want to quickly cover a few hundred words…If any one knows, please tell me where to look! Thanks.

Unfortunately, Steve’s book “The Way of Linguist” isn’t available in Danish for now. Sorry.

Oh that’s a pity. I actually find articles and stories about “how” to acquire language the most interesting materials. Hopefully it will come soon.


What languages is it available in? I can’t find it in Dutch either which is a pity. I learn well from factual texts/anecdotes.

I believe it’s available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.