How realistic are the goals at LingQ?

Do you pay attention to the goals at LingQ? Are they realistic, too easy or too tough? Should it be easier to change them?

I think you have time and concentrate on achieve te goals you can do it without problems.

But, if you have other thing to do, achieve your goals is not so easy… I mean if you study two languages at the same time or if you study using LingQ and also another method. For example, for Japanese I was trying to achieve my goals at LingQ, study the book Remembering The Kanji and use a SRS for learning sentences. Also I study english and have to study for university.

But the goals are not unrealistics, If you focus just in complete them, you can do it, and if you can complete them your skills will improve A LOT.

I am in a hurry know because I need take Japanese JLTP on December in order to apply to a masters degree in Japan, but I hope in the future I can study Japanese only using LingQ.

I treat the goals more as a guide, rather than a specific aim. Partly because my stats tend to be uneven: For example, according to my stats in French, I’ve read almost 100,000 words (including the same content item numerous times), but have only learned half my number of lingqs. So I treat this as a way of knowing what to focus on. Once my weaker statistics catch up, I’ll alter my level.

I definitely think the goals are attainable in a three-month period as suggested, provided you work consistently. I haven’t work as hard this month as I would have liked to, but I’m taking it easy and just enjoying the ride, so to speak.

I’ve raised the ‘realism’ issue, so I will comment on.
Indeed, I think the goals are an excellent guide. As Chris said, they show exactly which activities you could be neglecting, so you can direct your efforts to them. The ‘bad’ side would be to create some anxiety about them, mainly for people (like me) tending to be anxious.
Maybe I only need to be more flexible, and don’t feel so frustrated because of some blank parts in my goals…

Chris is exactly right. The goals are intended as a guide only. You needn’t feel any pressure. People often ask us what they should be doing, how much listening, reading, etc… Therefore, we have these numbers to help you plan your activities. Of course it’s good to do everything we recommend you do. However, you should do the activities you enjoy doing most of all, since if you enjoy what you’re doing, you will be motivated to do more of it!

Speaking of goals, has anybody here changed the ‘level’ yet?

I’ve been a member of LingQ since early August, and studied with the method on a nearly daily basis. Depending on the starting level of the different languages, one may notice that it takes slightly more (or less) work than one has planned. From time to time the “2 months” (from the dropdown menu) might be close to what is recommended, and sometimes “7 days” shows a better result.

Under Overview->Set your goals (or My level: X->Change") one can see guidelines for what one is supposed to be able to do at the level.

While I’m pretty close to the recommended targets (and way beyond, for some categories) I may not feel that I have reached the level where I can do this or that. So, in a way I don’t really know if I should change my level.

Has anybody else thought of this? Have you changed anyway, or have you waited until your stats match (or surpass) the targets?