How polyglot @Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve learned 20 languages the fun way - Olly Richards

Hey everyone!
How did Canadian polyglot Steve Kaufmann learn 20+ languages? Olly Richards shares Steve’s language learning journey in this wonderful video. If you want to want an overview of Steve’s language learning tips over the past 10 years, this video is a must-watch.


One thing I can tell you is that “living in your target country” does not allow you to learn a language automatically. As I can see that, I have come across a few students who have been living in Germany for years and can not string together a single sentence in German because they speak English most of the time and hang around with their countrymen and speak their native language. Therefore, there is no way of getting around exposure on your own. Motivation and deeper reason play a key role in making progress in your target language.

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