How points get expired?

Hi everyone, I have a question concerning my points.

I purchased 2000 points the first time in July 2015, normally they will get expired on 30/9/2015 (it would be 2000 points lost).
However today I purchased one more time, 5000 points and if I use 2000 points before 30/9/2015, would I loose the points I have purchased the first time.

Is it possible if I use all my points to book conversations before the expiration date so that I will not loose my points and I extend the time a little bit.

It would be crazy question but I would like to know what exactly 90-day expriration means

Thanks !

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Good question!

I am not 100% sure about the answer since I rarely purchase points (primarily because they expire) but I think that the points you purchased first will be used first. That means that if you use 2000 points before 30/09/2015, you will not lose any points.

You’ll not loose your points if you spend 2,000 points before the 90 days (30/9/2015). It is okay if you book conversation before that day even if the conversation takes part afterwards.

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2015-09-01 45.00 Purchase of 5000 points for $45.00
2015-08-07 45.00 Purchase of 5000 points for $45.00
2015-07-14 20.00 Purchase of 2000 points for $20.00
2015-07-07 20.00 Purchase of 2000 points for $20.00
2015-06-26 20.00 Purchase of 2000 points for $20.00
. . .

I have bought 16,000 points for the last three months. However, I should add 9,000 points to this because I get 3,000 points every month as a Premium Plus member. Therefore, my current points should be mentained rather less than 25,000 points.

To be honest I find this expiration thing really discouraging. I just lost some points because I simply didn’t have the opportunity to use them all to have conversations via Skype within three months. Too bad as I had some really enjoyable conversation with one of the excellent Spanish tutors (Liszeth). I know that three months is long enough in most cases but I still I find the system simply discouraging.