How often do you use "Ignore" button

It`s interesting how often do you use “Ignore” button?

I mean does anybody ignore such words as names and surnames, Roman numbers, geographic names and so on?

Roman numerals you mean - yes - all of it.

Sorry, Roman ones of course.

And how about names etc?

Generally, I ignore names, cities, countries, etc unless there is a good reason to learn them - such as a particular complexity or, sometimes, simplicity of the name in the target language.

For example, for an untrained German eye it is not necessarily immediately obvious that “в Риме” is “in Rom”. Therefore, I saved Rome when I started on LingQ!

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All of the listed in the first post. Sometimes the names of the cities are different in different languages. In such cases these names are not ignored by me.

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I do it by the same way.

I am studying Chinese, so proper nouns can often be just as undecipherable as any word. So I usually use the ignore button for when a lesson displays a numeral. Other times will be when LingQ joins some characters together that have no business being counted as a single word even if we are being liberal with the definition of word. I will also use it when the lesson displays English or Arabic letters.