How often do you go onto new material?

I recently finished eating out / who is she, which i got through fairly quickly as id been studying Chinese for 10 months before coming to Lingq. During this time each new bit of material had around 15-25 new words and I would follow this method.

Morning: Read, listen (around 10 times), save new words and phrases (aiming for 20 per day)
Night: Review vocab while listening (another 10 times)

The next day i would go onto new material and do the same. Now im looking at bigger lessons aiming for the 25%-30% of unknown words mark. Today I ended up saving 35 words/phrases, which i feel is quite alot to review in a day already. I didnt understand everything, but got most of it. 80%-ish.

How many days do you usually spend on one piece of material max?? or is 1 day mostly good enough? Because at the end of the day I am only really undesrstanding “a bit” more than in the morning. Is this cool?? Im thinking after ive reviewed these words a few times in anki and come back ina month or so this particular article will be easy??

Please share your methods or critizisms of mine. Thank you muchly :slight_smile:

I spend between 5 to 120 minutes by learning time. Average is 20 minutes. I use to stop because noices around me or because my focuse decrease a bit or because I have other thing to do.

I do not care to know a lesson - I easily go to another one and come back to the first one another day. I like to listen to different voices.

When lesson is too long - I use audacity to make 2 or more short mp3 from a big one
the same with complicated lesson - some I cut in sentences.

I learn a lesson till I understand it only by listening to it. There are always some words and phrases that I don’t really catch. I don’t make it perfect- it would be nailing down then. I know when I go ahead the uncertain words will come again and I will get them.

It all depends on the content really. If it is easy content, maybe a day at it, but if it is harder content, maybe a 3 or more all depending. At this time I am also going through 3 other pieces of material so it’s not like I’m only focusing on one thing at a time. Of course, I may go through that piece of content for a bit and then move onto something else in my list and come back to it a week later, or more. I usually aim to be able to understand it listening wise. Once I do understand a good about of it, I’ll just archive it and get something else.

For a series like Who is She, I recommend moving on quite quickly and then going back to the beginning, so that the whole series, becomes the lesson. I did Who is She for Russian. I wold read the new lesson, saving words, review them in Flash Cards then start listening over and over, and then and then I would listen to the whole series up to the current lesson over and over. At no time do I worry about not understanding it all. Much later you will go back and only then will some areas be clear, of will you think that you finally “own” some words and phrases.

There are people who are always in a hurry, and there are people who are obsessed with every detail. Of course you can listen until you understand a lesson “fully” (or a large part of it), but I rarely stay much longer than it takes to save the LingQs. If it’s an easy lesson (despite a “high” number of unknown words), I may study another lesson as well during that session. If it’s a particularly long lesson, I usally save 15-20 LingQs during the 30 minutes I listen to the audio, and go back to it the day after (to save another bunch of LingQs).

Thanks everyone for good replies. So I guess I should just except that fact that I might not get it all until several weeks down the line when I come back to it I suppose.

Jeff thats what ive been doing. Saving 20-25 per day and if I still have unknown words remaining in a transcript then of course I will do it again the next day and get the rest. Otherwise If I save 20 lingqs and thats all thats there then I just move onto something else the next day.

I put the mp3s on my mp3 player and listen while doing housework. I keep a lesson on there until I’m bored of listening to it and I need to free up space for new stuff. It’s that unscientific :wink:

When looking for new material to study, do you tend to make a note of the % of unknown words or you dont care and just go for what you are interested in? Most things now are around the 40% mark for me and im wondering if i shouldnt be finding something with more like 20% unknown or something.

I go onto new material when I get bored…

All you need to be aware of is that a lesson with 40% unknown words is going to be really quite hard, whereas one with 20% unknown words is not going to be nearly as hard. 60% or more unknown words is really very hard and should not be approached without a pot of tea and a plate of chocolate biscuits :wink:

Study what you feel like, stop when you get bored. If you go to bed knowing a bit more each day, and keep on doing that, you will soon be fluent. If you get bored and give up, you will not make progress.

Sometimes Im studying a new material for some days. But sometimes I load for few lessons or whole collection. It depends on my mood and resolution to learn. I’ll have to admit I`ll could learn nothing entire week.

Sometimes, when you learn, it doesn’t feel like you have learned anything. Yesterday I listened to and read the same Russian lesson twice. On the first listening my reaction was “WHAT???” Then I read it twice, without any sensation of learning anything. The second time I listened to it, I understood about 50%. Learning had happened, I just hadn’t noticed it.