How much?

How many times should i re-read and re-play a piece before moving on?
Im a full beginner doing spanish and know nothing, aside from the dictionary being
there im still lost. it says to keep going without knowing but
it just gets worse, advice?

Did you ready “introduction to grammar” kind of thing for Spanish?

At least for my studies in Korean, I’d say an introduction to the grammar is pretty much mandatory. You don’t need to memorize it, but at least be aware of some of the basic grammatical structures. After that working through simple texts with both dictionary and English translations is what I did (while still referencing grammar I don’t understand on the internet).

I’d typically read short texts maybe once or twice on a day, then listen 5 times or so. I’d re-read the next day, listen a couple more times and then do it again later in the week.

Theres no use sticking on the text for too long, but you want to give it a good go and see what you get out of it.

So for the first few weeks every day would consist of me reviewing content I had already covered days earlier as well as reading new content.

Im coming up on 90 days worth of doing this soon and I’ve had considerable gains. It does come. Just takes time :slight_smile:

If I can read a majority (at least 70%) of the piece without clicking on anything to check for the definition, I will move on. Same thing with listening. I want to understand most of it without reading aides before I move on.

It’s become a point where if I find myself that I read and listen to lessons for too long/too many times, I reevaluate my strategy for learning that lesson, or just move on, because I’m probably just going off of memory of the interpretation from my native language rather than paying attention to the target language.