How much time do you spend on sitting in your daily life?

I am not sure if my expression is correct or not? If not or not very native, please correct me!

A computer, a telephone, you can do everything with your daily work. I just find that I am getting a little bit fatter than before. Since I have started working, most of my time are spent in my office, a small but nice room; And most of my time are sitting before computer, doing business with other people. After a few months, I find I am getting fatter, especially my belly gathers me fats. I have to work 8 hours a day, and nearly 8 hours are spent sitting before computer, no exercise, no other speical movement.

So I wonder how much time do you spend on sitting? It is a little bit different from blue collars, you know, as a white collar, my main working place is the office, and I need facing the computer all the time, sometimes this makes me sick.

Do you have any good idea for this matter? I really don’t wanna be fat.

I have to sit in front of a computer all day too, but I’m also a member of a gym and probably go about 4-5 times a week… Some people aren’t motivated enough to go to the gym, but I don’t have that problem, I just usually find myself getting ready to go after work…

Try to jog to and from work, or at least part of the way

Oh, I jog every day, as I go to job by bus that leaves at 8:50 (and there is no a next bus at all! The previous bus leaves at 7:20), and return to home by 18:40 bus. It is also the latest bus. That’s why every morning and every evening I jog to a bus-stop :))))

Staying fit is like learning languages. It starts with motivation.

It’s starts with motivation and continues on with just accepting the fact that if you keep on going you’re going to keep getting a little better/fitter everyday…

i usually sit all day long :frowning: at the school… in front of my computer… doing my assignments… GOD, i need to go to gym at once

Why don’t you go swimming? I prefer swimming to jogging, though I also like jogging. Swimming is better for your body than jogging!!

stop eating before your screen - 8 hours working, 8 hours sleeping - 8 hours to move and listen to lingq podcasts - be vegetarian at least one day a week - in my young time all Chinees people moved on bike - that is a great idea - I do it myself when weather is dry

One thing I’ll never do is be a vegetarian for more than a few hours… and that’s only 'cause I’m asleep…

I agree with Vincent about swimming. Of course, I can’t commute by swimming…

Swimming is good and healthy for you, but anyways you´ve to do what you want at the moment.

Slow gym like chinees people of every ages do in the parks should be good too

I do work for 8 -9 hours and I spend all this time sit in front of the computer. I found ashtanga yoga to be a very good exercise. I try to do it at least once or twice a week. Besides keeping me in good shape and healthy it helps me to get rid of any stress from work.