How Much Does it Cost to Learn a Language? Part 2 | Future Purchases & The True Cost

My big Spanish goal for this year is to read 12 Spanish books. Honestly, I’m almost 20% into reading book #2, so I’m behind. (The first book was 500+ pages, and the second one I’m reading I believe is a little over 800 pages or so.) I will be reading shorter books as the year progresses so I can meet my goal.

Anyways, around the end of this year or early next year, I would like to start doing Spanish “courses”. I’m not talking about courses to teach me grammar. I’m talking about doing courses created for native Spanish speakers that follow my interest in learning more about online business, social media marketing, website development and related themes. This way I’ll continue to use Spanish as a tool to learn other things while still learning Spanish at the same time.

I talk more about what I’m considering purchasing in the future to help me learn Spanish as well as what I think the true cost of learning a language is at: - YouTube


I just watched your YouTube video, and I agree that a paid course is the best way to go. Using the language is the best way to learn the language. I like to use YouTube as a preview, and if I like it then I will look into purchasing some of the author’s products, courses, etc. A big advantage of a paid course is that you can ask questions and get answers. Also, your classmates are going to be a lot more motivated and serious than your typical YouTube viewer.