How much do you need to undrestand to move to using normal content as input without looking up words? (Extensive immersion)

Simple as that : How much do you need to undrestand to move to using normal content as input without looking out words? (Extensive immersion )(By normal content i mean what you would watch in your native langauge (not cartoons and videos that are meant for langauge learners )) also how to reach that level?

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I suppose it highly depends on how comfortable you are with not understanding everything in your input. When there is too much I can’t understand, I find that I start to tune out rather than trying to understand. But what is “too much” is probably very variable, depending on your situation, your goals, your personal level of comfort.


I’m listening to “normal” content in my target language at an A1 level, but can’t do it for very long. It’s not enjoyable and doesn’t hold my attention. I think at 60-70 percent comprehension I’d start to enjoy it. That’s my next big goal: to listen to audiobooks and read novels in my target language.

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Consider how long it took you, and how much input you needed to get to that point in your native language. It’s safe only to say that it’ll likely take you less than that time to get close in your new language. But you only get there by doing the work and putting in the time. Lots of work, lots of time. There are NO shortcuts.

There are way too many variables for anyone to answer your question for themselves let along for strangers to answer it. Enjoy the journey.


I’ve hit 3000 words in Japanese a few months ago, and haven’t really been using LingQ much since then ( I should, I’ve gotten soft), and this is about the point when i can understand the point fairly easily in simple anime. When they start to use relatively obscure words like “lieutenant” or terminology, it becomes much harder. I believe this is the point when it you understand most of basic vocabulary, and need to start branching off into topics like “Government” words, “Military” words to get a better understanding of what’s being said. I am still missing an extensive amount of less common, but still valuable words that even a native elementary schooler would know.

TL:DR, about 3000 words in Japanese is the minimum to understand basic intermediate conversation, so you’d need to find the equivalent of 3000 Japanese words in your language to find that minimum.

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