How Much Are You Writing at LingQ?

I admit that I really enjoy some tutors, but I don’t want to overwhelm them with my favorite LingQ activity-writing! I’m curious to know how much writing other LingQers send to their tutors each week. Also, I wonder what length text is best.

None yet. I should probably start doing that with Russian…

very seldom, in almost two years at LingQ I put 12 short texts in the writing section.

Recently when I had to get rid of my points in a hurry, I wrote so much to one tutor that I felt I was in danger of getting addicted to my story and so made an effort to stop writing.

I now only have 500 points left over from this month’s allocation, which I am saving for an emergency (and I still have a story or two in my head for when I get my next points).

I find that in my weak languages I aim for around 100 words, though often I do not quite reach that figure. For my stronger language it’ll be around 200 words, give or take a few. After all, one does not want to swamp one’s tutors, does one?

On a good week I will send one writing sample, of 150-350 words in length. I don’t think I’ve ever sent more than one a week.

Thank-you for all the comments. I find that writing has really helped me in my weaker languages-helped me to think in the language.

Sanne et al: I’d love to read your writing in the libraries if it’s not too personal.

Since I am learning Spanish right now and I have a good friend of mine who writes to me in Spanish and I write back, he is a native, so I ask him to correct my writing for me. So, for now, I don’t submit writings for Spanish at LingQ. On the other hand, for my other languages that I will be studying that are available at LingQ such as German for example, I will later become a paying member, when I get to a good level in my German, and start speaking and writing to build up my proficiency in this language, and some others down the road.

I’ve only sent one so far.

I still never had sent something ;D

When I finish writing a message to post on the forums at LingQ, I usually click the link “Post and Submit for Correction.” You can guess how much writing I have sent to the tutors from the number of my posting.

Never had I experienced this kind of system, before joining LingQ. I think I have got used to writing in English using this convenient function of LingQ.

YutakaM@ This is very exemplary,I’ll think about it!

Barely any. Points are a tad expensive. I simply write and find an outside source to correct it for me. :slight_smile:

Sorry, steve! :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be a boon if our forum posts could be edited here (if we send them for correction).
I think other people would be encouraged write more as well.

We would all like to be able to edit our forum posts. For whatever reason, what seems like a simple enough task is, in fact, quite complex according to our developers. We will do this at some point but it will have to wait until we have time.

@ RQ in particular: are you talking about a text (which would have been corrected by a tutor after the original posting) being shown here in the forum again/instead, rather than as an individual writing report? That would be an interesting development and, no doubt, an even greater headache for the developers…

I actually thought that this was a possibility when I first joined LingQ because of the “submit for correction” button…

Of course I don’t want to cause headaches. I often mention that fact to my correctors…