How many times should I listen to the dialogues in teach yourself?

I was wondering how many times do I have to listen? They also say that I shouldn’t be fooled with the idea of thinking I’ve done it. But I can’t spend 4 weeks listening to the same dialogues. I’ll be bored to death. I move on when I know most of what they are saying. I also listen on here which is such a big help. It has annoyed me because it’s going to make someone worried and perfectionism is a killer. I know from experience. When I know about 80% or 90% I move onto the next chapter. I can always improve my listening on lingq. Is this the right way to do it?


You are on the right track. Whatever works for you is the right way… I sometimes only listen once to certain lessons and to others a bit more often. Sometimes all I do is read. It all depends whether I need more clarification or want to concentrate on the rhythm of the language while at other times I’m happy to just skip over things. In the end it’ll stick…

P.S. (I like “happycheeks”.)

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Thank you for your advice and thanks for liking my nickname. :slight_smile: I always had the idea that I should listen to it again and again. I’ll continue to move on when I know what they are talking about.

People listen again and again when they don’t really understand a lesson but want to. Maybe you got it first time. Maybe it wasn’t interesting enough for you to want to understand it completely.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have lessons I’ve listened to 50 times. I was a total beginner, listening to the sounds of the language.

The content in teach yourself isn’t that interesting to me but I’m okay with it. I understood it because I’m not really a beginner in french.