How many times are you listening each lesson?

I guess I’m a bit lazy. I hear twice. first I read and hear then only hear . is that efficient ?

Depends on level. At the beginning stages, it’s not uncommon for me to listen up to 20-30 times so that I am sure that what I am reading I am hearing, and also using that to really ingrain basic vocabulary. I usually only do this with one or two lessons a day, and then I’ll move on to harder lessons which are more interesting and those I usually only listen to 2-3 times and read once. I’ll use LingQ for about an hour in the initial phase as well as another resource such as Assimil, Teach Yourself, etc.

Once I am past this initial phase which I’ll do for about a month, then I start listening a lot less to the same lesson, but instead add a wider variety of things spanning anywhere from cooking to science.

Usually I listen once, read and listen once, and listen again. I come away with maybe understanding 80%, but even if I only understand 50% or so, I’ll still move on, because exposure is what you need in language learning, and the more things you expose yourself to, the faster you will be able to understand.

First month of learning 20-30 times

After that, more variety, and 2-3 times.

Upper intermediate to advance, usually just one time.


I would say its efficient if you understand everything, currently I read and listen to the audio and then repeat up to around 5 times as needed ( making sure to linq anything I feel I may have to study ) it really depends on were you are in the language and how much of the text you understand, if you understand everything being said, just move on as exposure is also very important.

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I treat it like music. I listen to whatever I want to as long as I’m able to understand the general meaning of it (aka I might not know every word but I probably would estimate that I understand 70%+ of the vocab). As for how many times, probably 3-5 times and then I move on. :smiley:


I usually listen 7-10 times depending on the lesson. More if I really like the lesson and find useful sentence structure/vocabulary. I read out loud 2-3 times. As long as you are understanding 70-80% of the lesson, you can move on to the next one.

Here’s what I do:

Japanese and Chinese - twice (watch 5 min of a drama, read the script out loud, then watch again).
Russian once (watch 12 min of a drama, then read the script out loud)
French once (read a sentence out loud, listen to it, repeat it until I complete a chapter). I’m working on my French pronunciation.

I find that listening more than twice does little if anything for me. That being said, I’m at B2 in all my languages. When I’m a complete beginner, I often repeat more, possibly up to 5 or 6 times

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At least 7 times, depending on how many LingQs there are. If there are a lot of yellow words, I will listen more times. I usually read and listen, then read, then listen only. After I understand a good portion of the lesson, I move on. I then review the lesson the next day or week like in a SRS fashion.

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More is better. Dunno about efficient.

I certainly wouldn’t call you lazy.

If twice works for you, go for it! I personally only listen once, but there again I am not a beginner in my languages.

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