How many points per minute of transcribing?

Hi all,

Is there a guide for what would be a fair number of points to offer for transcribing audio files? For example, how many points would an 18-minute transcription be worth?


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@jungleboy - when you publish your exchange request, you will be suggested a fair amount of points automatically. Then you can decide whether you want to follow it on not :slight_smile:

OK, great! Thanks Galina :slight_smile:

My next question is that audio files over 15 minutes long don’t seem to upload in the open request form. I get a ‘file upload error’ message. But shorter audio files work. Has this happened to anyone else?

@Galina: I couldn’t find the thread where we discussed the rates that LingQ suggests. Personally I find them all more or less ok according to the time you have to put in, but for transpriptions they are definitely much too low. I’ve added a note on my profile: “For transcriptions I expect 250 points per minute, because the LingQ suggestion is too low.” Transpcriptions are very time consuming.

@Jungleboy: You can make a private or a public request. If you get no response after a while you should think about the offered points. Another point is the language: are there many tutors or not, how high is the usual income in the country where the language is spoken etc. 10 Dollars an hour is much in some countries, and not much in others :wink:

@jungleboy - the audio files up to 30 minutes long should be uploaded properly; 30 minutes is a max length.

I think the “fair amount” depends on the “wordyness” of the content that you want to have transcribed. Transcribing a 3 minute pop-song takes less time than three minutes from a soap opera.

20 seconds of a soap opera: “But how was I supposed to know that she´s my sister? I mean, we were seperated at birth and grew up in different countries and I didn´t even now I have a sister because nobody told me. Gosh, If only I had known that before we got married”

20 seconds of a pop-song: Under my umbrella. Under my Umbrella. E e e e e e e


The worst is when you try to transcribe a group of people speaking at the same time, for example a debate… that is really difficult.

You are absolutely right Paule. I was referring to a podcast with a lot of text.

Hi! Don’t waste money. You can try to transcribe by yourself but 2x faster using Recordense tool. you play audio and write text right in the browser.