How many members have read Dino lernt Deutsch?

I love the Dino lernt Deutsch series: I think they are probably the best books to help people learn German, and I see a lot of user-added word meanings when I’ve been reading them on LingQ, so I’m thinking the series might have a huge following here. So I was wondering how many current members might have read, or are reading this series?

If you have read the series, or one or two books, please indicate by liking this topic or posting your experiences with the books. Do you enjoy them as much as I do, or were they not your cup of tea? Any funny or interesting experiences with them?


They are awesome. I always recommend to any German learner when they ask for resources. They are really the only beginner books that I’ve really felt interested in. Interestingly enough, although I enjoy the Dino books, I couldn’t really get into the intermediate series he did. Although possibly because those are chopped up into much smaller chapters so it feels not as flowing.

I think there’s one more in the Dino series that came out after I was already of a higher level. I definitely want to circle back and read that…maybe read them all again all the way through.

I really like how each story focuses on a city and references aspects of the dialect from that area as well as the landmarks.

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Yes I have read like 4 books of Andre Klein on LingQ. They are pretty okay. Thanks to eric’s recommendation I have also read all the books of Angelika Bohn. Unfortunately, I did not read her books on Lingq because I had purchsed them as physical books. However, I liked her methodology of repeating vocabulary from A1 to A2 to B1 etc books. Stories are also okay for starting learners. Angelika Bohns German Books

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no I havent read them
and I can’t find them by searching for ‘dino lernt’ either
could you post a link?

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Dino lernt Deutsch - Learn German with Stories (