How many members are there in the LingQ community?

It’s clearly a vibrant community, is this information available or posted anywhere? Thanks.

Welcome here Ben. We are stronger on the quality of our membership rather than the quantity. I do not have any precise numbers, but we get about 3,500 to 4,000 visits a day, mostly from regulars. If you go to the Community page you can see our most active members, by country and by language studied.

The number of people who are actively studying and contributing is much smaller, but growing.

Thanks for your response, Steve. That is helpful. I am researching web 2.0 offerings, and I have personally found LingQ to be the most helpful. Really the numbers you shared are more helpful than the number of people who have ever registered. A site with 5 million registrants but only 1000 visitors a day is in some ways weaker than one with 10,000 registered users, but 4,000 visits a day. Still, I would be interested even in a very rough guess for the total number of registrants, if you have a guesstimate?

We have over 125,000 registrants. Most are not serious, unfortunately. You can contact me directly if you have more questions. steve at

@BenBlair, you can click on “Friends” then on “Search” and see that the last page number is 12074 now. Each page includes 10 members- so, at least over 120000 registered members.