How many LingQs do you normally make a day?

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I have been watching my statistics on LingQ closely as I am always looking for ways to improve my learning. Lately, I have been thinking about how many LingQs I am creating a day, because this is somewhat of an indication of how much new material I have come across.

I seem to be averaging about 70 LingQs per day right now, but when I go on other people’s profiles, I sometimes see they’ve created up to 200 LingQs per day (or more!).

I worry about overwhelming my brain and never being able to handle so much information. I have heard Steve say before he believes the more LingQs the better, but have you guys found this to be true for you?

Bonus: what percentage of unknown words do you normally face in a new lesson?

I usually face about 10% to 15% unknown words, any more than 15% and I feel like I am not “flowing” with the content since I am stopping every few words to look up a new word.



I don’t know why, but in my case I am usually only creating less than 13 per day. Even when I read more than 5.000 words a day. Any idea why is this happening to me?
About the percentage of unknown words, I usually face about 10%.

Lately in Dutch I have been making around 200+ LingQs a day. Imported some some text and audio from a talk show recently and the unknown words percentage is ranging from 15%-33%. However Dutch is a much easier language for a native English speaker. (also I have German to help me out.) If I was doing Arabic I would be importing much easier content, and the amount of LingQs I make everyday would be much less. I guess it depends a lot on how difficult the language is.

I have found over the years the more LingQs the better is true. I read a lot knowing full well im going to forget the meaning of that words right after I look it up. But I just keep going, and eventually you keep seeing the same words and they begin to stick. All the words I learn, I learn subconsciously. I never try to nail a word down.


I routinely save 200 new words a day. And more so - I learn them with flashcard till “known” status. For me “known” means that I recognize these words in a text and maybe have some weak thought association about the meaning.
I believe I can process this amount of data because of motivation, so it can’t go for long. Right know I spend any free minute in the app - reading, repeating words or just listening. And I try to support this level - streaks and challenges help a lot!
As for percentage of unknown words in a text - I’m in the beginning of acquiring German, so almost any text is difficult. At the moment I look at the amount of unknown words in the text, not the percentage.

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With French, if I get in my reading I’m usually doing 400-800 lingqs a day. Of course, I don’t worry about remembering all of them immediately. I just note each one I see and keep moving. And tons of them are different forms of the same words. My priority at this point is reading stuff I’m actually interested in, which means encountering a ton of unknown words, usually 20-40%, because I’m at a pretty beginner level. I don’t even really review anything. I just remember a word if I see it enough times or if it has some notable characteristics.